Time ‘Paradoxes’ in Relativity

Time has always struck people as mysterious: mysterious, in fact, in a number of different ways. One thing that is mysterious about time as its directionality. What is it that underlies time’s arrow? What, that is to say, is the source of the asymmetry between earlier and later? Why, for example, can we remember the past but not the future? These are important and difficult questions. 

 Dennis Sciama, page 6, The Nature of Time

I feel I need to reinforce Dennis Sciama’s views on time being mysterious as it is, it isn’t something solid, something there you can get your hands on. It is alot like a black hole in the Universe; it is there due to scientific evidence, yet there is so much we cannot explain - we try, but it will always be mysterious. Personally I am rather scared of time and how fast it is moving - I feel that we are living constantly in the future and there is no present. As to be in the present time, time has to stop in order for it to be the present time - even though time can never stop in order for it to be present.