Position Statement

I am currently exploring this notion of time/process which has developed into a body of work. This body of work showcases drawings, photographs, evidence of processes and pieces of work that are in response to the brief of time/process – with influences from theorists and thinkers and contemporary artists.

I started to research time and its significance mainly within physics; Stephen Hawking’s  playing an imperative role within my understanding of time in the book “A Brief History of Time”, in which he queries time (imaginary and real) stating that: “If we can remember the past, why can’t we remember the future?” I think that we are living in the future as time is constantly moving, which therefore eliminates present time, as to be in a sense of presence, time has to stop - yet equally everything we do is in the past as well as the future. This reflects my work ethics: I am always energised and motivated within my practice, which keeps me focused. I have also been researching special relativity: Galileo who established it in the early seventeenth century (which links to my practice as special relativity is the study of velocities and time paradoxes) – further leading onto Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein who experimented with special relativity. I wanted to research in depth all branches of time as this is very necessary in order for me to develop sound concepts.

Consequently, this led me on to utilising time within my practice, by setting myself processes – which are solely dependent on time and process as they are continuous. Time is infinite and I wanted my work to reflect a sense of infinity to it – I did this by recording everything I did through lists, diagrams and number coding. However, there is a sense of restriction to my work, as the concept of time isn’t apparent when you look at it straight away, especially the photographs of the books – where I edited them, making them a lot darker and abstract, so it wasn’t clear what they actually were, thus enabling the viewer to explore it themselves, should they choose to.

I feel my main strength within this project has been becoming obsessed with a concept is extremely important as it has enabled me to stay not only focused but constantly positive too. Also, by exploring other theories and philosophies means I stay on track – as well as building a solid foundation for my practice. To improve, I feel I need to look at more theories in depth and rely heavily on research but keeping my energised practice as I feel this helps with learning.