PROJECT 2 - Exploration/Commissioned project

Today we were notified of our new project, “Exploration” through Human Health and the “problems of being human”.

  • narratives of idea, concepts and context.

Extend your confidence.

6 week project

SO what is this commissioned project about?

We have been given an opportunity to study and work alongside the Human Health Sciences to form and submit a live commissioned work based in the Ramsden building.

The aim of the project is not to make it specifically for this commission  as an end point but as a product of the process of concept, material process, aesthetic, attitude and perception.

The Human Sciences building located close to our technology building on campus is like going back in the past with the Victorian Gothic architecture - an extreme opposition to our clean, “white cube” studios/spaces.

They study a vast array of subjects, here I have selected a few as examples:

 - Counselling, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Health and Community.


First prize - £200. Second Prize - £100.

Idea is to experiment as well as researching in depth about various issues you may want to delve into.

PRODUCE RECEIPTS - so we are able to be reimbursed.

 - Develop a personal fascination, obsession - let this control you and manipulate you (driving force).

 - Past, present and future,

 - Fact and fiction, 

 - Data and the imaginary

 - Icon, Ideal and entropy

BOOK REFERENCE: “Strange and Charmed Science and the contemporary visual arts”
Using metaphors and paradigms?

EVIDENCE: Blog, notebooks, journals, books - record the process (extremely important) 

More importantly, this is a body of work.

Deadline - 9th December 

Project 2 sounds extremely exciting - it has intrigued me more because it is a very different subject to what we usually study (although I do branch out into sciences but not human health). 

Week 1: Research, research, research (this is vital for a body of work), go back and visit the two buildings, talk to people, take photographs (maybe drawings). Also as I know a few people who are studying in the health department - would be interesting to ask them about their experiences within that subject and ask how they approach it and what they maybe do on a daily basis. Involve my personal fascination with psycho-geography and utilise this when visiting these places and record every emotion and be aware of everything around me. (SOUND RECORDINGS? VIDEOS?) 

Week 2/3/4: Start experimenting with evidence (whilst still researching) 

Compile all of this evidence together, and discover ways of using this information (experimenting with it in various art forms) and forming this into a body of work, building up gradually to a piece that I could eventually submit as the commissioned piece. Start writing lists down of materials/objects/software I may want to use or am using (as well as saving the receipts for everything I buy - keeping these organised in a file).

Week 5: Will have a consistent body of work, so that I can step away from my work, and analyse and criticise strengths and weaknesses - which particular parts of my work that may be a strong link to the commissioned project. 

Week 6: Deadline week - Make sure everything is finished and up to date and organised.